Credits for the creative team that worked on the Gaia Interactive Inc. zOMG! MMO.

zOMG! Credits

zOMG! Development Team
Producer & Creative Director
David Georgeson (Qixter)
Mission Design
Garrett Fern (bronstahd)
Lead Programmer
Ryan Cox (swarf)
Programming Team
Ben Halsted (halzy)
Frederic Lajeunesse (flajeu)
Jon Slenk (aiagreat)
Josh Sylvester (kaia9)
Art Director
John Kim ([ JK ])
Art Team
Alex Ahad (o_8)
Bret Denslow (Mavdoc)
Andre Mina (Your-Fathers-Belt)
Tabitha Reed (pepper-tea)
Justin Wong (fulltimefailure)
Jennifer Zee (jenzee)
Theresa Zysk (reapersun)
Quality Assurance
QA Manager
Marina Leitman (Naxash)
QA Team
Kevin Basso (WastedAmmo)
John Bealkowski (testtoon)
Veronica Carrillo (Loie)
Madhavi Ghanta (coolangel08)
Richard Fleming (zShadowDragonz)
Mark Los (mlos)
Jonathan Ruiz (mouth kick ouch)
Stan Sultanov (stansult)
All Other Contributors
Music (Artistry Entertainment)
Jeremy Soule
Julian Soule
Sound Effects (dSonic)
Kemal Amarasingham (Dsonicka)
Simon Amarasingham (Imur Ismon)
Liz Bailey
Michael Carter
Luke Gilbert
External Programming (Symblaze)
Jirka Petvaldsky
Petr Pravda
Stanislav Zorjan - Stasha
External Art Assets
Vykarian Studios
Additional Flash Engineering
Mark Rubin (Mr_Ubin)
(Thanks, Mark, for all the help as we approached launch!)
Other Gaia Engineers
Tim Lopez (pangrammic)
Vince Rubino (smokeytheb)
Ernie Chan (Eazzy)
Nick Esquerra (ramoneguru)
Kathryn Koehler (8elly8eans)
Ania Kurek (ania1899)
Tom Lang (excitom)
Lawrence Lee (vryhngry)
John Loehrer ([72])
Rich Martin (ariesboy571)
Filipe Medeiros (Fleep)
Edy Moreno (edy)
Jon New (Newtang)
Charles Packer (chuckp2)
Dan Quinlivan (DARKNRGY)
Mark Ruiz (FFFFEEF)
Martial Tipsey (Narumi Misuhara)
Jennifer Tsai (fieryange1)
Xiaoming (stats god)
Rob Starkey
Matt Stancliff
Rie Hirabaru
John Deyto
Chris Castagnetto
Kate Pietrelli (TriplePoint)
Melissa Rische
Executive Team
Derek Liu (lanzer)
Scott Kinzie
Prakash Ramamurthy
Craig Sherman
Special Thanks
A huge thank you to our fantastic zETA team, for being willing to be endlessly abandoned on the train with Frank, and for suffering through the dreaded 104 monsters. This game is better because of their patience.
Also thank you to [ Peobody ] who was trapped in the Sewers for over a week, wracking up 1147 gramster kills, 574 peelunger kills, and 54 trash can defeats...all while REFUSING to quit...before we finally had time to go help him get unstuck. Major perserverance!
Yuriy Abramov
All of you that play zOMG!

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