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Z Sculpt Entertainment is a two-person software company founded in 1996 by Zackary Black and Zack Morris. It develops Macintosh-only games and other software. Most of the company's activity happened in the 1990s.

The company reappeared recently with the release of the online-enabled demo of their game Khufu, and the announcement of Return To Dark Castle being completed [1]. It is currently unknown if the company will implement the new online code into its other games.


  • Meteor Storm - Top-down arcade-style shooter with split-screen multiplayer mode.
  • Retro - Top-down, unorthodox shooter, which can be played cooperatively.
  • Khufu - a Tetris clone with added features.
  • HID Wizard - InputSprocket compatibility for OS X Carbon applications.
  • eDrop - Extracts e-mail addresses from text files into a single output file.
  • htoc.php - command line utility to automatically create .c files from .h headers in c++.
  • Z Sculpt Online Widget - Mac OS X v10.4 Dashboard widget that tracks the number of players connected to
  • Return To Dark Castle - Sequel in the Dark Castle series of games. It is produced by the Mac software company Delta Tao.

In Development

  • Untitled Platformer - Announced in an interview [2] with IMG.

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