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Zelos Wilder

It's Zelos.

Game Series Tales of Symphonia
First Appearance

Zelos Wilder (Tales of Symphonia character) has long red hair and wears a pink vest. Despite his appearance, he's actually a playboy and something of a lady killer. Oh yeah. Zelos, in the world of Tethe'alla is The Chosen of Mana. He greatly enjoys the nightlife of his home city, Meltokio, and he acts very flamboyant and carefree all the time. He flirts with nearly every girl he sees, much to the displeasure of Sheena. She hates him and his arrogance. However, his personality is a mask to hide his true feelings about his role as the Chosen. Gameplay wise, he is almost identical to Kratos Aurion. Has the same attacks, uses the same items, etc. He wields a single long sword.

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