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Zeus World is an arcade game developed by Donnoly, released in 1980. It is an early example of the platform genre, along with Donkey Kong, as it classifies a gameplay focusing on maneuvering the main character across a "troop" (big group) of obstacle courses while dodging most harming around the course, known as "Scene". In the game, Science Guy (now known as Meekly), has to save a damsel in distress, Princess Athena (now known as Princess Apple Pie), from an evil villain named Death Man Jr., who wishes to rule his father, known as the original Death Man, who appears after his son, which was considered a "Zeus World issue" in the work of the popular video game.

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ComposerGentaro Sushi +
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DesignerAutsuu Yamamoto +
DeveloperDonnoly +
DisplayNameZeus World +
GameCatVideo Game +
NameZeus World +
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NamesZeus World +
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PublisherDonnoly +
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