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Zoë Mode is a subsidiary of Kuju Entertainment based in Brighton and London that develops music and party video games. The studio was formed in 2007 when it was rebranded from Kuju Brighton,[1] itself formed from the remnants of Wide Games.[2] On 1 September 2008, Zoë Mode opened a sister studio in London to take on more projects and staff.[3] On 19 May 2009, Zoë Mode announced their San Francisco studio headed by Mark Danks and Sarah Stocker.[4]

Zoë Mode is most well known for its work on the SingStar and EyeToy: Play series. The company has also received several awards since its creation, such as the 2007 Develop Conference Industry Award for "Best New Handheld IP" with Crush.[5] Recent games developed by the studio include Disney Sing It: Pop Hits, Grease and Chime.

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