Zombie Outbreak Simulator Zombie Outbreak Sim (ZOS) is a sandbox game where you can witness 100's and 1000's of zombies sweeping across Washington DC on Google Maps(R). This particular map is close to the Catholic University of America, north of the Pentagon. ZOS pays homage to the popular Zombie genre of film and games. It is the prequel to the playable Class 3 Outbreak game.

ZOS was developed by Binary Space, an Australian indie game developer run by Jay Weston and Saxon Druce. The Binary Space blog page follows the game's development over the course of a year.

It was released in November 2009 for free on the Class 3 Outbreak website.


ZOS is a sandbox game, meaning there is no specific goal for winning the game. Players can modify various settings such as zombie numbers, speed, infection times and so on, and then watch games unfold. Depending on various settings, games can last 15–45 minutes before either zombies or humans are wiped out. ZOS used Google Maps(R), a big point of difference when compared to any other game currently out, with the exception of The Last Guy. However gameplay is markedly different.


Civilians mill about the map, some armed, some call for help, play with the mobile phones or eat.


Police will engage and fire on zombies when they are within range and visible.


Zombies arrive from one of the edges of the map according to the infection settings. If a zombie bites/attacks a civilian or police, that person will soon turn into a zombie themselves. Zombies will die when they take a headshot.

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